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Clase de yoga

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Virtual Classes for Stretching, Posture & Meditation Companies.

 Stretching, Posture and Meditation classes in companies, or active breaks at work are a great benefit for the employee and the employer. It is increasingly necessary to incorporate stretching classes, breathing practices, yoga, relaxation, and meditation into the workplace. Centro Ahamkara comes to your workplace to provide wellness, harmony and health.

Las mujeres en estera de yoga



Your Benefits: Greater oxygenation, a more oxygenated mind achieves greater employee performance. Decreased stress level, reduces injuries, illnesses and labor conflicts. Muscle strengthening, provides greater dynamism reducing sedentary lifestyle. Postural correction, avoids traumatological injuries with a very slow recovery. When a person feels better, their confidence and self-esteem increases, it facilitates decision-making, and it favors creativity and activity in their field of action. What is learned in the practices is incorporated into people's lives, increasing their benefit and lasting over time. Balances emotions, improves mood and energy level. All this makes people more relaxed, with a clearer mind, more focused on what they have to do, a balanced and harmonious energy, favoring productivity and better employee performance.



Active breaks of 30 or 60 min

We have two modalities for Companies, depending on the time and needs of the interested parties:

  • 30-minute module ACTIVE BREAKS In this short-term module, breathing exercises are performed to reduce stress, mindfulness exercises, stretching exercises combined with Yoga postures to relax the body and eliminate contractures. We end with a relaxation that allows everything exercised to act, achieving physical and mental relaxation.

  •   Module of 60 minutes CLASS OF ELONGATION, POSTURE & COMPLETE MEDITATION. It consists of a complete class with physical exercises of stretching & breathing techniques. Depending on the participants, it can be a very light, intermediate or intense physical activity, in which physical activity is increased, burning many impurities in the body. We always end with a meditation that allows you to feel relieved of all burdens, tensions and physical and mental stress.

how to wear  class out?

  •  Virtual class where employees have a space and a projector or TV where they can see the teacher to interact.

  •   Virtual Class where the employer gives the employee the benefit of taking the class at home outside of working hours. We would coordinate a day and time for the dictation of the class. 

Values per class:

  • 30 min virtual class: $1000

  • 60 min virtual class: $2000


There is no minimum or maximum of students for the dictation of the class.

If you are interested, please contact us:

WhatsApp to 1564840185



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